Surveying Canadian Values for Canada’s Next 150

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The Canadian Values Alliance in conjunction with Royal Roads University and Environics Analytics is undertaking to engage Canadians in understanding the values of Canadians. We want to engage our fellow Canadians in identifying those values that we hold most dear.  Why?  Values are the foundational underpinning of our shared experience and what it means to be Canadian.   Having a broad, inclusive group of Canadians identify these values and the aligned behaviours (that we can say are truly Canadian) is important so that individuals with an agenda can’t claim to speak for Canadian Values.

Information on this initiative and the survey of values can be found at

Our sponsors are Ian Martin Group, Crawford & Company, 1-degree shift and Neopost Canada.

We are not aligned with any political organizations and we have no agenda other than to identify the values that Canadians say are their values.  Members of the Canadian Values Alliance are people who work with values inside organizations or as consultants to organizations.  Our Mission is to help build a more values-driven society.

Our public survey will be happening in January of 2018 and we will be hosting events across Canada where Canadians will be invited to tell us what these values look like in everyday living.




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