The Canadian Values Alliance is a network of values consultants and practitioners across Canada.  We have been sharing best practices on monthly calls since 2015.  Call recordings are linked here as are the powerpoint presentations used for those calls.

These materials may not be used without the consent of the Canadian Values Alliance but are shared openly so that all may work towards better workplaces, a better Canada and a better world.

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Survey Results Debrief                                      Call Recording

Survey Kickoff and Social Media Plan           Call Recording            Powerpoint


November Winnipeg Cafe Debrief                Call Recording

January Network Call                   Call Recording                        Powerpoint

February Network Call                 Call Recording                        Powerpoint

March Network Call                      Call Recording                        Powerpoint

April Network Call                         Call Recording                        Powerpoint

May Network Call                          Call Recording                        Powerpoint


February  Network Call                 Call Recording                       Powerpoint

March Network Call                      Call Recording                        Powerpoint

April Network Call                         Call Recording                       Powerpoint

May Network Call                          Call Recording                       Powerpoint

September Network Call              Call Recording                       Powerpoint

October Network Call                   Call Recording                      Powerpoint

November Network Call                                                                Powerpoint

December Network Call              Call Recording                      Powerpoint


January Network Call                  Call Recording                         Powerpoint

February Network Call                Call Recording                         Powerpoint

March Network Call                     Call Recording                         Powerpoint

April Network Call                       Call Recording                         Powerpoint

May Network Call                        Call Recording                         Powerpoint

June Network Call                       Call Recording                         Powerpoint

September Network Call                                                                Powerpoint

October Network Call                  Call Recording                        Powerpoint

November Network Call              Call Recording                       Powerpoint

December Network Call               Call Recording                      Powerpoint